What is a quillow

What is a quillow? Well, I can promise you that it isn’t anything weird. It is however a smart storage sewing project for a lap size quilt or stadium size blanket. It can be quite simple to put together but just in case it is confusing to you I have included a link to a tutorial at the bottom of this post which takes the guess work out of the project.

I am always looking for Christmas projects to do for the grandchildren and this year I am looking forward to presenting each one with a quillow. We have sixteen grandchildren to do Christmas gifts for and it can be a daunting abet enjoyable task for me to do. This year the younger ones will be receiving a quillow from Grandma Mary. Lucky them!

Here are three of twelve lucky quillow recipients……….

Twelve?……..I’d best get busy!

picking strawberries in 2013 Hannah Grace 2015 1656134_1428950204013431_2128027906_n

The blanket or quilt gets folded to be tucked inside an attached pocket which is sewn to one corner of the blanket or quilt creating a finished pillow for easy storage and to carry with you camping or to a picnic or to a sporting event. Simply pull open the pillow to reveal a blanket to snuggle under. Quite amazing. I think my grandchildren (most likely) will carry their quillows to friends or scouting sleepovers. And, I hope they will enjoy them for years to come…..


Of course, the first time I made one of these quillows it was from old written instructions my aunt give me. To say I was a wee bit confused by her instructions is an understatement.

If you go to the site below, the gal here makes the instructions quite simple to understand so you will not be as confused as I was the first time I made one.

Go to:  — https://youtu.be/bA95BEJHMwU

I hope you try it and enjoy making a quillow for your love ones use.


How to Raise Lifelong Readers……..

Last week, Paige Turner wrote a wonderful article about the benefits of reading; — as far as our children are concerned, it is paramount in development of skills required for a successful life — when read her article published at TheLiteracySite.com I rejoiced! “Yes” I said to myself, well put and I along with booklovers worldwide are in your debt.

I will encourage you to read her article fully. Her article’s first sentence ‘Booklovers are not born’, is telling in and of itself and agree one hundred percent. Booklovers are recruited and taught by teachers, aunts, uncles, cousins and parents, and yes, grandparents who see the value in reading. The benefits extend far above simply enjoying reading a good book for one’s personal enjoyment. Booklovers, or readers, excel in life more fully than their counterpart who rarely read more than a box of Cornflakes, and then only if forced to do so!

This is something so dear to my heart I could go on and on at length, but, I will spare you further accolades for reading on my part for Ms. Turner’s post is quite lengthy in and of itself. You surely do not wish to read this post from noon until midnight. Please continue reading to the end!

  • Raise Lifelong Readers With These Handy Tips
  • By: Paige Turner (TheLiteracySite.com – Blog)

Booklovers are not born. An interest in reading and a delight for stories found within the pages of a book is something that has to be carefully fostered.

For kids who learn an early appreciation for reading, the benefits can be extraordinary. The British Cohort Study, for example, found that reading for pleasure improves both literacy and math skills. A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that reading daily to young children, starting in infancy, can help with language acquisition and literacy skills.

The research proves it… readers have a huge advantage from early on!

Despite all the positive benefits that come from reading to kids, some parents struggle to get their little ones interested in reading.

Here’s five tips to help you teach your budding book worm to love reading from an early age.


Read Aloud: Many parents do this when their kids are young, but stop as the little ones get older and can read on their own. Kids will enjoy being read to for far longer than you might expect, and the closeness of a shared activity together will leave positive memories in your child for both you and the experience of reading in general. Children will benefit by hearing the rhythm and cadence of language and learn correct pronunciation as they listen to stories being read aloud.

Cater to your Child’s Interests: It’s hard to keep anyone’s attention on topics that they aren’t interested in, regardless of their age. For kids who are reluctant readers to begin with, books about topics that don’t interest them will only feed their belief that reading as a whole isn’t “for them.” Think about what they are currently obsessed with. Whether it’s cars, ballet, horses, or dinosaurs, there’s books about these and hundreds of other topics waiting to be devoured by your young reader. Use internet searches, as well as help from booksellers and librarians, to find these topic-specific books.

Find Favorite Authors: When your child expresses appreciation for a particular story, it might be worth exploring other titles by that author. It might be the subject or the narrative voice or the characters that hook your kiddo, but the author probably replicates their recipe for success across multiple titles. Paying attention to authors can help kids become fans not only of reading, but also of the authors themselves!

Visit the library: Making library visits part of your routine allows your little bookworm a vast array of titles to capture their imagination. Libraries also often have events that cater to readers of all ages, including summer reading programs that encourage and reward young ones for continuing to read during the break.

Be a Role Model: Kids are way more likely to be interested in reading when they see grown-ups reading. Make reading present in your home and a valuable way to spend time no matter your age.

I pray you enjoyed Ms. Turner’s article. Bless you all.

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day is Today

Spike 2014 (1)

Spike, our Morkie, (mother a Maltese, father Yorkie) or what we loving referred to as our designer dog love his dog biscuits.

Today, February 23rd (2015) is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.  No pun intended, but this is a day for the dogs. Of course, given the current weather over most of the country on this day, this isn’t exactly the best doggie day for our little furry friends.

No one else can really appreciate the true value of a dog biscuit like our four legged friends.

So, celebrate today by giving your dog a few dog biscuits.

Banking in the USA

Bla-bla-bla (my word: don’t scold) — I have come to know banking in a new light. Accessing ones account is challenging. There are hoops to jump through to prove you are you — whom else has my password, etc. but me?? — and then you may and you may not get into your account when accessing it online. This was to be a simplified way of doing banking. It is nothing by an aggravation. 

Then to add insult to insult:::no weekend assistance is available! Although, the lady’s voice on their recording is pleasant (appreciated) I already know the banks regular hours of operation. What I needed is information today! Simple information about a deposit and to which bank it went into.

I scold you BOTH Alliance Credit Union & First State Bank of Texas! At least have access to my accounts during the weekend by telephone! My old bank in North Carolina did. Texas must be —- something else.

Err…………banking in the USA.


thanksgiving 2014.1

As we gather at our table let us give thanks for the many blessings we share jointly and separately. Let us bow our heads to the Lord. Let us lift our hands in praise. Let us have gratitude this Thanksgiving Day for all we have, no matter how small or how large our bounty. For each of us are truly blessed.

I am blessed beyond measure. I do not say this slightly. It is said with great measure.

In 1963 I became a daughter-in-law for the first time. I also became a wife, and later a mother. Over the next twenty three years I was blessed with five children. In 1987 I became a grandmother for the first time. Today I have a total of sixteen grandchildren. All unique. All dearly loved. These people are more precious to me than I have words to proclaim!

This year I became a daughter-in-law again when I remarried a wonderful man that I actually went to high school with over fifty years ago (had we known then what we know now). 

What was a wonderful life, filled with loving family and friends, became even more wonderful and blessed when I married my husband Royce. I do not know why I am so deserving nor do I know what I ever did that the Lord looked down on me and blessed me with more abundance. All I know is that He did and I am, this Thanksgiving Day, grateful for my blessings. I am grateful for my increase in folks I call ‘Family’.

I spent the day with some of these wonderful people. What an awesome group of human beings!

thanksgiving 2014.4thanksgiving 2014.7thanksgiving 2014.11

thanksgiving 2014.6thanksgiving 2014.13thanksgiving 2014.5

thanksgiving 2014.8thanksgiving 2014.2thanksgiving 2014.12

thanksgiving 2014.9 thanksgiving 2014.15thanksgiving 2014.10


2014 Thanksgiving in Texas

This will be my second Thanksgiving Day spent in the great state of Texas.


Royce and I Thanksgiving Day 2013. Our very first thanksgiving together. This year my hair is a little more curly (stuck my finger in a light socket) but Mr. Royce looks the same!

I am cooking up a storm for this holiday. Eighteen guest. All transported to Aunt Sybil’s. I can’t wait to feed turkey, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy and two delicious pies to our group of willing souls. My offerings to the Thanksgiving table.

I am certain potatoes, both buttery mashed Yukon Gold and local sweet potato casserole, as well as all sorts of other amazing side dishes and fresh salads await Royce and I. (I’m not cooking & fixing ’em either!)

Note to whomever is doing side dishes: as passe as this request may be, dear, for one side dish, please do a green bean casserole, with mushrooms and that awful greasy dried onion topping. You’ll see me smile if you do.

Happy Thanksgiving Day ~~~ enjoy. 

Thanksgiving Drinks to Warm the Soul

borrowed from Rufus’s Food and Spirit Guide

Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

I wonder what season it isHot cider with a honey of a kick

OK, these may not warm the soul. But maybe they’ll numb the senses. Who couldn’t use that at a family gathering? If you’re like us and live somewhere that’s a bit too warm to drink these sort of concoctions check out last week’s drinks. They’ll cool you down. We can’t imagine breaking out the mulled wine or brandied hot chocolate or whipping up a hot toddy until December, as you’ll be able to tell from the Christmas gear in those posts.

Hot Buttered Nog

Mmmmm butter Mmmmm butter

Mulled Cider

These cups are not replicas from an Indiana Jones movie These cups are not replicas from an Indiana Jones movie

Hmmm, maybe we should do a kickstarter for new mugs!

Pear Hot Toddies

Argh that there glass makes me want some meat on a stick Argh that there glass makes me want some meat on a stick

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